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Steak Frites Sandwich

I made these back in Texas. These are not po-boys (though I am discovering that the roast beef po-boy is a thing of beauty, truly). There is nothing N’awlins about these sandwiches.

Which is a shame, because they are so very good.

Also, I put french fries directly into my sandwiches. ‘Cause folks, I am classy. You know how I know it’s classy? When I was fourteen, I went to France. There was a lovely little sandwich shop in Nice where the incredibly snooty gentleman running this hole-in-the-wall made just such a sandwich, with roast beef and mustard and greens and fries all wrapped up in the bun. And clearly if it is done in France, even in a little backstreet dive, it is classy.

It is possible that I need to get out more.

This is one of my favorite sandwiches. It is in all ways superior to the hamburger, containing chopped beef instead of a ground beef patty, a good (though in this instance store-bought) roll instead of a too-soft hamburger bun, an abundance of spinach, and of course, the fries are inside the sandwich.

A fact which gives me no end of glee. Just go with it, okay?

Ingredients (makes 2 big sandwiches)

For the steak:

1/2 to 3/4 lb inexpensive steak

3-4 T red wine vinegar

2 T Worcestershire sauce

2 T mustard

salt, paprika, and white pepper to taste

For the sandwiches:

1/2 to 3/4 lb cooked and chopped steak

2 crusty sandwich rolls (or one baguette)

a big handful of spinach

1 large potato and cooking oil for french fries

mustard, to taste (my preference is for about 2 T/sandwich

hot sauce to taste


Make the steak. For me, the only way to do this is with my delightful mini-smoker. Seriously, that thing was hands down the best $30 I ever spent for the kitchen, and now it’s only $22. Combine all the marinade items in a zip-top bag and add the steak. Marinate at least an hour.

Smoke for 25 minutes or cook it another way if you aren’t into perfect smoked meat straight off the stove. While it’s smoking (or pan-searing or braising or however you cook your steak), heat a few inches of vegetable oil, slice a potato into 1/2 inch sticks, and fry.

Set the fries aside. When the steak is done, give it a couple of minutes to rest away from heat.

Now is a good time to grill up your bread. Not a required step, but oh so good. Just heat a bit of olive oil or margarine and maybe a smashed clove of garlic in a small skillet and grill.


Now chop your beef.


Spread mustard on the top half of your roll, and dot some hot sauce on the bottom. If that doesn’t look like much hot sauce, please bear in mind that it is Blair’s After Death sauce, which is pretty darn hot, and also I am a complete wimp when it comes to Scovilles.

Add spinach, meat, and some fries.

Devour. Crunch spinach, gnaw meat, make sad little whimpering noises because Blair’s hot sauce is really quite hot and there are about ten whole drops of it on this one little sandwich.

You can stop laughing anytime. I already admitted that I’m a capsaicin wuss.

I won’t call this my favorite sandwich. There’s a grilled cheese with that honor which I think will never be unseated. But it definitely makes the top three. It is delightful, contains only a smidgen of guilt, and is simple enough to make on a weeknight when you’d rather eat with your hands in front of the television than at the table like people.



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Most Decadent Grilled Cheese

I have a thing for grilled cheese. I’ve loved it ever since I was a little kid and my mother would make them for me on white bread with American cheese squares. I made them with baguettes and cheddar in college on my one contraband burner, the one I picked up at Goodwill for three dollars and kept hidden in my sock drawer so I wouldn’t get thrown out of the dorms.  It’s one of those self-destructive relationships you know you should get out of, but every time you try you remember the good things about it. So tasty. So crunchy and goo-ful. It’s easy to forget that each innocent little sandwich contains approximately 84,217 calories.

This sandwich is an abusive boyfriend.

This particular grilled cheese sandwich probably has even more than 84,217 calories. This sandwich could probably fill the caloric needs of a small nation for a week. And the worst part is, I can eat two in one sitting. Grilled cheese is like that. What makes this one special is simple. Huge slabs of fresh mozzarella. Bread battered like French toast. A hint of nutmeg. The simplicity of it is what overwhelms. Honestly, I own a whole cookbook of nothing but grilled cheese (I know; totally unnecessary, right?) and this trumps the best of them.

Ingredients (makes two sandwiches. Serves two morally upstanding folk, or one me.)

4 slices good bread. Challah is best, but use what you have. I used a baguette this time.

1 egg

1/4 cup whole milk

pinch salt

smidge nutmeg (Seriously, who measures nutmeg? How do you even manage it?)

2 T ricotta cheese

1/2 pound mozzarella (not a typo)

2-3 T butter, for frying


Start some butter melting in a pan over medium-high heat.

Crack the egg into a shallow bowl and pour the milk over it.

Grate in some nutmeg and a big pinch of salt and whisk it all together.

Spread a generous smear of ricotta on one side of each slice of bread, then top two slices with 1/4 pound slabs of mozzarella. I do mean slabs. you want to use a crazy ton of cheese here.

So much cheese!

Soak the sandwiches in the milk and egg mixture. Don’t forget to double dip! Achilles didn’t get double-dipped in the Styx, and that got him killed. Double-dipping is imperative. Consider yourselves warned.

Fry the sandwiches about 4-5 minutes on the first side. . .

Then about 4-5 minutes on the second side. . .

I use a cast iron skillet because it browns things up so very nicely. You want the bread crisp and dark brown, the cheese positively oozing out the sides, and the smell to linger somewhere between torturous and delightful.

Sprinkle a pinch of kosher salt over the top just before serving. Serve with devil fries and cold grapes. Or just eat them on their own and don’t share. I understand. Grilled cheese will do that to you.

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Asparagus Sandwiches

I don’t know what’s come over me. I’ve eaten asparagus about four times this week, and I’m still craving it. We had asparagus with duck on Monday, asparagus and peas in lemony pasta on Tuesday, asparagus beef rolls for an appetizer on Thursday, and now this.

This is proof that a sandwich needs no meat to be a filling meal unto itself. And it’s so easy! All you need are a few things.

Ingredients (serves 2 hungry people)

about 20 asparagus spears, trimmed of woody parts

2-3 ounces of nice stinky cheese, grated (we used raclette, but I’d love to try asiago or chaumes)

8 little slices of ciabatta or 4 bigger slices of a tasty sourdough or rye

a bit of butter or oil


Finely grate the cheese and sprinkle it over the bread. put that in the oven at 350°F while you cook the asparagus.

Heat a grill pan (or cast iron or nonstick skillet) over medium high and add a bit of butter or oil to flavor the asparagus and keep it from sticking. Cook the asparagus 4-5 minutes, turning over with a spatula halfway through to cook it evenly.

My grill pan is pretty tiny, so I did this in two batches. Pull out your cheesy bread and enjoy the smell of melted cheese. It makes everything better.

My ciabatta was store bought and way too holey, which is why I had to use the baking sheet. Not using a baking sheet is better, as it allows the oven to crisp up the bottoms of the bread slices. Asparagus packs a nice bit of crunch on its own, so this was still good, but there’s just something about crunchy bread that’s unmistakable and better than everything else. Moving on. Top 1/2 of the bread slices with asparagus spears (4 or 5 fit on these skinny slices), sandwich it up, and devour. Then take a moment to realize that you just made a delicious and fairly healthful lunch in only ten minutes. That means you’re allowed to have dessert, right?


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