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It turns out that narrowing down, applying to, and otherwise stressing about graduate school is a very time-consuming operation. There are so many researchers working in so many fascinating areas that just reading the abstracts of their papers is a little overwhelming, let alone factoring in the schools’ research foci, locations, graduate placement odds, etc. Add into the mix sheer nerves about going back into academics after too many years working, and a pile of time spent re-teaching myself calculus I haven’t used since undergrad, and you’ll begin to see how the past weeks aren’t leaving much time for the blog.

I’m still cooking, but making the additional time for photographing and writing up those tasty items is on a lower priority for the moment. The plan is to return next week-end with some seriously delicious cauliflower, and get back to a once-a-week posting schedule following that.

The cauliflower is worth waiting for. In the meantime, have some olives and bocconcini and toast. We all need a simple lunch that needs no preparation sometimes, right?


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