Goldfish Fried Chicken

This is probably my third favorite fried chicken. It’s Mr. B’s favorite of all time though, and I think it would be the favorite of most men and children for one simple reason.

It’s breaded with crushed goldfish crackers.

I have to admit, the cheddary crunch is pretty awesome, even though my grown-up married-lady side wants to snub it. As a bonus, it is pan-fried in just a few tablespoons of oil. I hate deep-frying. I hate the spattering mess and the huge pot of oil I just have to throw away and the feeling that I’ve just irretrievably clogged my arteries and the other mess on the counter. . . you get the idea. pan frying, however, is relatively tame. It only pretends to be healthier, though.

Ingredients (serves 2)

3/4 lb of chicken breast cut into chicken-finger type strips

one egg

3/4-1 cup of flour

1 cup of goldfish crackers. Or cheez-its, or whatever your cheesy vice is.

a few T of vegetable oil for frying


Crush the goldfish and beat the egg. Set out dredging dishes. You want one for the flour, one for the egg, and one for the fishes.

Pour enough oil into your frying pan to cover the bottom. Heat to medium high. I decide it’s hot enough when a pinch of flour sizzles on contact with the oil. Dredge the cutlets in flour, then egg, then fishes and plop them into the hot pan.

Fry 3-5 minutes each side. The goldfish will brown nicely (perhaps a bit too much if you stand around fumbling with camera settings). Serve with steamed veggies and a few extra goldfish crackers and a biscuit. (Full disclosure: I did not make the biscuits. Popeye’s made them. And they were fantastic.)


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  1. #1 by DJ on November 30, 2011 - 2:20 PM

    I do a similar recipe, however, I substitute the flour with a cajun fish/shrimp/chicken frying mix. Perfectly golden, uber crunchy, and abso-frickin-lutely delicious!

  2. #2 by Joshua on March 8, 2012 - 7:18 PM

    Made your recipe tonight. Big hit! Burned them a little but still delicious!

    • #3 by koshercorvid on March 8, 2012 - 9:00 PM

      I’ve burned it many times, but it’s always tasty anyway!

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