Big Ol’ T-Bone Steak

Sometimes I make Mr. Blackbird cook. When I do, I know I’m getting meat. He grew up on a cattle ranch, and he makes a better steak than any restaurant I’ve been to. So here it is: Mr. B’s pan-seared T-bone. He says to do the same with a rib-eye and it’ll be even better. Just for reference, when you see the pictures, that is my eleven inch cast-iron.

Ingredients (serves two, with a bit of leftovers)

1 big damn T-bone

1 t mustard powder

1-2 t worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 400° F. Heat a cast iron big enough to hold your steak in the oven at the same time. Then (carefully!) pull the cast iron out and set it on the stovetop. Don’t even turn the stove on. Rub the steak with mustard powder, and pour worcestershire sauce over it just before searing it on both sides.

Put it back in the oven for about five minutes, then pull it out and flip it.

Then back in the oven it goes for five minutes. If you like rare steak all the way, this is about all it needs. Like medium-rare? Flip it and sear for another five minutes. Medium? Five more. It’s worth noting that the edges get more thoroughly cooked than the parts near the bone. I like mine medium-well, Mr. B. likes his mooing. So I get the edges. If you have a meat thermometer (yeah, yeah, I need to get that battery), an internal temperature of 130°F is medium rare, 150°F for medium well.

When it is done, it will look like this:

Om Nom Nom.

The best part is, that steak had over a pound of meat on it. So we had some leftovers. Which Mr. Blackbird loved, because it meant that he got to have t-bone migas for breakfast the next day.

Caution: Some owls may try to steal your steak. Likewise some cats.

To make these, just heat the T-bone back up in the oven, toasting some corn tortillas at the same time. Fry or scramble some eggs and some New Mexican red chile together real quick, pour some extra chile over the steak, and devour.


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