Italian Hot Chocolate: Breakfast of the Decadent

You may wonder (especially if you’re my mother) why on earth someone who hates coffee as much as I do would own two perfect, albeit sad, little white espresso cups. There are a few reasons, actually. They make fantastic little individual cream containers for tea, I can use them as serving dishes for fancy salts or sugar in the raw, and of course, they are the perfect size for one serving of hot chocolate.

No, I’m not crazy. Because real hot chocolate has nothing to do with that powdered crap that comes with dried out marshmallows and tastes just exactly like sugar mixed with grit, and is meant to be drunk from a coffee mug. Throw that stuff away. I’ll wait.

Now you just need some cream, and some chocolate.

4 tablespoons of cream

2 ounces of chocolate

That’s it.

Bring your cream to a simmer while you chop your chocolate. I let Mr. B. pretend to be the Incredible Hulk and smash it with the rolling pin. As for the chocolate, use your favorite! I used 1 oz. 60% and 1 oz. 100% for a very dark, rich chocolate. next time I might use all white chocolate and throw in some malt powder. Use whatever you like! Toss your chopped (or Hulk-smashed) chocolate into the simmering cream, and turn off the heat.

Give it about 30 seconds to soften, then whisk vigorously. It will be thick.

Now just pour into your waiting espresso cups. make them happy little cups that feel useful and loved.

But with chocolate this dark, I might need a bit of sweetener. Not honey, not with dark chocolate. A pinch of sugar in the raw would do nicely, but I have something better.

Little merigue hats (store bought) for little chocolate cups. This is the breakfast of happy people. And it took only 5 minutes to make. How cool is that?



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